Sunday, 7 October 2018

Short Fuse Brewing - Schiller Park, IL

If you ever needed an excuse to leave for the airport a couple of hours earlier, then the Short Fuse Brewing Taproom could be the justification!

Located just off the intersection of the major highways that head to Chicago O'Hare, and being just a 10 minute Uber ride from the terminals in the suburb of Schiller Park, this Taproom is setup on an ambitious scale, but seems destined to be a huge success.

The Taproom has seating for at least 100 people, at a combination of hi-top and regular tables.

They offer a full-service menu of hot food, and I demolished the "Beerchos", (nachos with beer cheese) which were exquisite.

That is all very well, but a Taproom is really about the beer, and Short Fuse excel in this area in particular.

They have 14 regular draft beers, which are offered in two "fixed-list" 7-beer flights at a very reasonable $13 (quite honestly, the lack of free-choice is the only aspect of their operation that I can find fault with!) , as well as a further 8-beer list of special drafts, which are not available in flights.

As I had the whole afternoon to kill, I worked my way through both of the regular flights, and there were some exceptional beers among them. 

This was a great way to spend a Friday afternoon, I will undoubtedly be back on every future opportunity, when I am passing through O'Hare!

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